It's still Xuanwen immortal position... How can it be! Tang Yu wanted to expose Guo Yinxuan and Jian cancan, but he thought that since he wanted to lose fa It's strange. Besides, you can't believe everything he says. His ability to tell lies is no If Mori's fists are big enough to break his tongue into two pieces. "Don't worry, old sword, old leaf. I'm fine. I'm just exhausted of energy. It's OK t The short exchange of fire ended in a short time. The man in black was not slow at all. The knife in his hand stabbed the young man with the wind. This idiot, don't you think I dare not kill him? " "This elder martial brother, ye Wei is very grateful to you for your help, but I'd better leave Liang Sanping looked at this picture, and with a smile, he turned and went into the kitchen. At this moment, a black light flashed by, and bolvin stood with a sigh, covered in black fine scales There is also a strong illusory effect in the dark light realm. Even if the caster is a powerful cas Seven hostages were ordered to sit in the front seats of the classroom and listen to seven psychiatr But if you can't even get to the government, even if the first song is no better, you can't Zhang Rong looked, his face showed a smile, said: "Sir, this is the willow beast!" Mo Zhitao got on the car, also thinking in secret. After the dark clouds, the sun will set in the west, dark and weak. Often will turn into a most unimportant thing, in front of your eyes to sway around, you are also di

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