It's a competition of speed between them. During this period, they sometimes touch each other an This situation, let those who are the strongest in the heart is quite a bit of abdominal Fei. Su Hao recalled the synchronous space entrance that he had just seen, and then compared it with the "Can you tell me first, how about the strength of the Wangui people? I can also inform the high-leve Wu Ying comes back again and tells Zichen that the five level Tian clan can immediately chase after It can only release a kind of power close to God, which makes people mistakenly think that his power Phelan was keenly aware of the fishiness around here. "What a job you're doing up there?" But such a person can't keep himself. I hate him. I feel sorry. These are all talents, but let a Du Wenruo, who was also arrogant, finally couldn't help the embarrassment. Suddenly, he stepped Blue gray frowned. He didn't want to do this. Even if he got the world stone, he couldn't fa Although Xu is very strong and gives them almost no room for discussion, Xinfei chamber of Commerce Zhao Feng moves left eye, condenses a chaos thunder rob sword, releases but. He was full of confidence this time, but after a great war, he was shocked to find that killing Yang Smell speech, Liu Dong shook his head, he guessed Zhang Fan will give him this suggestion, but for t "I am glad that you have chosen to surrender, which is very beneficial to both of us." The dark guard saw that the elite soldiers quickly surrounded the bandits and nodded gently, "the ma Liu Fuqing is naturally willing to make such a request. The bear was stunned at first, and then burst out laughing: "you can even make fun of it. It seems t

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