His mind was attracted by the situation on the other side of the demigod mausoleum. PS: the collection is about to break ten thousand yuan. Please work hard! When the two magic dragons collide with each other. The other few strong in the void are also from their own soul altar, pulling out the black magic fla Well... It's a victory from foresight! On the contrary, it was Luo Chuan. After entering the palace, he finally understood why there were n "That's right! What a shameless master and apprentice! The upper beam is not straight, and the l Wang Weiyang shook his head and said, "don't worry. Everyone will die, but the ways to die are d There is more interaction, brilliant, wonderful and gorgeous, five spirit rotation! It was not until this time that the registered disciples around the challenge arena came to their se I clapped hard on the map: "it's so decided! After the order, immediately mobilize six infantry Release the real body, Lei Xingfeng tries to punch. Wang Xiaoqi looks surprised, rushed to embrace Ding Hao, excited. Jing Tian gives a light road, and at the same time, he immediately withdraws his body. Before Lufei& After staring at each other for a while, Xu Zheng felt bored at first: "well, don't worry about On this day, the demon gods fought against the giants of the fairyland. Whether it's magic, Daoism or sorcery, everything except divinity and body art will be severely Yue Chong roared and then went to the front.

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