"You Lu brigade comes forward, who else can't catch?" You can imagine the storm in the bar on the second floor of TingYang. So in the necessary moment, it is likely to give up Zichen. All the people present were surprised to see this scene. Although the sage of demon clan wanted to kill Yang Yi, he also admired Yang Yi. After all the preparation for issuing money. This demand naturally includes fighting against the enemy and killing these Terrans. On the side of the Dragon killing alliance, Su Lao was calm and did not move, These are all training resources. Although they have no effect on them, they can be used to cultivat One day is of great significance to Qingshui. At this time, Qingshui's injury has already recove The old Ninja also saw that the men in black in front of him were so powerful that the ten men in bl "Shua", the God of war, whose appearance was extremely powerful, drew out his huge golden sword and "Ha, your number is lucky. I hope this number can bring you good luck, so that you can go further!" Just when Xiao Ping was secretly happy, there was a gunshot coming from his headset. At the same tim Song Tingyu's third daughter, leaning against the wooden wall powerlessly, is also a long breath Xu Feng said a while speechless, Feng nine looked at Xu Feng, this just floated away. In an instant, Luo Li knew that this guy was threatening him. If he didn't tell the truth, he wo Zhang Ye, please. I'm in a hurry, or I won't be able to get out. If not, you can find a fema

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