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Beside, purple Chen looks at this scene, repeatedly sneer. "Hello, please give it to the lady next to me... Wait a minute!" Physical defense is not as strong as physical attack. "Do you still agree that Hu Hao can't go?" Ye Tianchen directly a knife will be an evil man's head to chop fly out, loud roar way. So for Hong Tao, as long as he thinks it's right, it's right. It doesn't matter whether Zhuge Lun was shocked to see his son killed in this way, and was killed in front of him. If the Chinese Empire could be defeated, it would be worthwhile to trade Xinjiang, Mongolia and Nort Why, they gave everything, even gave up their lives, and finally ended up with such an end. This battle is only superficially easy to fight. " Therefore, even if it seems that Zhou supports him, Ye Zhen can't place all his hopes on him. He But next to this huge floating object, the biling is like an aircraft carrier, and a torpedo boat is Gu Chenyi stood up, tired and lazy to walk over, the man has not come, the chicken butt in his hand "Well, you come to me this time. What's the matter?" As we all know, after the great victory, although Xinhua expanded rapidly, there will also be many p There was a loud noise ahead, and Rick, who was full of panic, had already fought with those demons. Dill chuckled and walked over and took Kelly's hand. "Cohen did it on purpose." Yang Liumei stares at Ji Ruixiang provocatively.

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